About Us

SÜREÇ (Process) Research Center is an independent non-profit organization whose purpose is to develop new policy options for policy-makers and improve public understanding of world and national politics.

The center was established in 2012 and based in Istanbul.

SÜREÇ makes mass translations from world press and publishes on its website, surecanaliz.org on a daily base. It also has a bi-monthly periodic magazine titled Süreç Analiz which includes many works done by SÜREÇ research staff such as translations, interviews, articles, reports, book reviews, and news briefings.

SÜREÇ organizes panels, meetings and workshops on certain issues like world economic outlook, nation-states and globalization, Middle Eastern politics, Turkish politics, American political movements and identity issues and political psychology. SÜREÇ makes interviews with notable figures from world intellectual circles and publish articles of its authors who have worked on eco-politic issues.

SÜREÇ in its works is guided by two main principles:

(1)   We have been given impulses to do what is necessary to survive in life and those impulses shall not prevent ourselves to stay loyal to utmost and ultimate righteousness, honesty, fairness and integrity. Indeed, the impulses shall be channeled to make us a better human being.

(2)   The sentiment of our mission is always sacrosanct. 

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