Operation Shield of Euphrates and Al Bab

Muharrem Sarıkaya from Haber TürkThe view from the south of Turkey

On the one hand, we have the US which waves its flag across Tel Abyad thereby sending the message that the US is also in the loop, to Turkey, Iran and even Russia with which it has made a deal of global alliance on Syria. On the other hand, there is Russia which sees PYD as an actor, not a terrorist organization and is seeking to establish influence in the region after it has successfully done in Nagorno Karabakh, Abkhazia, Southern Ossetia and Crimea. But meanwhile, Turkey, Iran, Baghdad have converged on Iraq in a bid to find a regional solution together with Erbil. Moreover, it should be also noted that there are Sunni Arabs who remain outside of ISIS’ reach and live in a huge part of Arab lands stretching from Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula to Jordan and Turkish borders. Turkey has also been defending this group of people who have remained silent for a long time while their fellow Arab’s lands have been captured and they have been kicked from their own lands by Shiite and Kurdish militants. Therefore their one thousand years old connection to Turkey and as well as the Near East and Europe would be cut off. In this way, with the operation, Turkey which cut off its cultural links by changing its alphabet in 1927,  has re-announced strongly its very existence in the region where it had ignored until recently.

Ardan Zentürk from Star: RaqqaMousul

Turkey had warned for four years of that a safe zone in Syria adjacent to Turkish border is required, otherwise as a result refugee crisis would have become an irreversible issue, but it was ignored. Because plans have relied on continuation of the war for a longer time and during which irrevocable destruction of Iraq and Syria. Now we are telling right to their face that Turkey was the only country which tried to ensure territorial integrity of both Iraq and Syria and to end the bloody tragedy immediately but it was left alone. After such experiences, we should not take part in someone else’s plans for Raqqa and Mousul unilaterally. We can open borders and let their elite units into Syria together with ours and hereby we can found a global coalition.

Kadri Gürsel from CumhuriyetInfantry will have to get into Syrian Quagmire!

Dispatching Turkish infantry to Syria means putting Turkey into an indisputable and clear war. But it does not resemble short operations which conducted in 1990’s. Without any identified and verified political and military objective, it is not possible to overcome. In our case, considering that there is no solution for ISIS and PYD issues in the foreseeable future, it will not possible for Turkey to extricate itself, but contrary it would find itself in an increasingly costly and corrosive war. That is the quagmire and the stakes are high.

Mete Yarar from KararThose who rely on Turkey

As there are ample examples in the past, PYD can make evil collision against Free Syrian Army: They are attacking concurrently and ambushing FSA. Even sometimes they can withdraw their forces from some parts of their lands to let ISIS fill the gap and thereby enabling ISIS militants attack to Turkish army and FSA from behind. For that reason, Turkey and those backed by Turkey have to face unexpected and numerous threats while marching towards El Bab. I think Turkey should make a selection at this point regarding of whom Turkey should first take care: First El Bab from ISIS and then Manbij or vice versa. In my opinion, if Turkey is to implement what it said before, it should prefer to take Manbij first. Otherwise more and more Turkish armored vehicles will be hit and attrition of losses will be high accordingly.

 (Süreç Analiz, 22 Eylül 2016)                         


Serdar Yeşiltay

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