Rebirth of the Mosul Vilayet? (Parts I, II, III) Interview with J. Anton Keller

Finally, when the UN library opened again on January 16, 1992, I found within one hour the key document which I was looking for. After this discovery more and more people became interested in the idea of the Mosul Vilayet concept. Indeed, there are formal reservations and international minority protection and private property guarantees written into Iraq's basic Declaration of 30 May 1932 (.../a3a.htm#DECLARATION). It is still valid in international law, and it is still fully binding and takes precedent over any Iraqi constitution and laws. This was an enlightening moment for me. But it has also proven to be a sobering one for all concerned, when considering the many-facetted resistance by the powers that be when it came for them to recognize, explore and eventually apply these international guarantees.

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